Returns Policy & Procedures

It is our hope that all your orders arrive in perfect condition but some of our pieces are large and heavy, which makes them inherently difficult to transport. We are adopting this policy in the hope that if a policy is laid down in advance both supplier and customer can work together to minimize disruption for all parties. Thank you.

In the first instance could we determine whether your customer would accept a small discount rather than endure the disruption of having to return the piece and have it replaced. We would share this amount with the retailer via a Credit Note.

Next, could the affected area be replaced by a spare part (replacement LED light, table center leaf, hinge, drawer etc.)? We maintain a limited supply of these.

If it is a small blemish or defect, could an engineer or French polisher correct it? Again we would share this expense with the retailer via a Credit Note.

Can the piece be sold in your store in a discount/ex-demonstration area rather than returning it to us? This saves the transportation costs and means we can both try and make something from the transaction. We would share the discount required to sell the piece.

If the item has been damaged somewhere along its transportation path and is beyond repair please order a replacement piece. The original should be packaged for its return trip on your next delivery and a Credit Note will be issued once it has been received back and inspected. A copy of this form should be completed and attached to the package so the Credit Note can be tracked.

All requests for exchanges or Credit Notes should be submitted to

within 72 hours of delivery and supported by photos of the damage.


Retailer Name

Product Name

Description of Damage